The Cannon School, which is located just outside of Charlotte, NC, recently visited Stay Plugged In’s headquarters – the Carolina Esports Hub – for a class field trip to learn about the esports industry. The class toured the venue and was introduced to staff who shared their knowledge of production, design, broadcasting, marketing, and general business practices. Students were able to try their hand at Fortnite using the hub’s state-of-the-art PC gaming stations to compete with one another.

“Most people that hear ‘esports’ immediately think of video games. Here at the Hub, we know all of the different workforce opportunities that esports can provide that in most cases mirror traditional sports and in many cases can offer even more job opportunities. To be able to show students a number of different options esports can provide has always been part of our core values.” commented Rick Suarez, Managing Director of the Carolina Esports Hub.

Cannon School’s class trip was a great opportunity for students to learn about the world of competitive gaming as it may lead to future careers. The esports industry is expected to see significant growth in the coming years, and educational opportunities similar to Cannon’s class trip will only help students find success in their professional careers should they pursue the field of competitive gaming.

Stay Plugged In and the Carolina Esports Hub are thrilled to provide opportunities for students and young gamers to explore the industry of esports beyond gaming.

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