Stay Plugged IN is thrilled to announce the launch of the SPIN Ambassador Program! Kicking off in November 2021, the program is designed for high school students who are passionate about competitive video gaming and want to share their love of esports with their friends and peers.

The SPIN Ambassador Program is a great opportunity for students in high school to participate in growing the esports community within their schools while making friends with like-minded individuals from across the country. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to work with SPIN staff to help develop the esports scene within their community while also learning how to build their resumes in a way that stands out to college recruiters. As an ambassador, students will be given a variety of benefits including access to coaching, opportunities to learn new skills related to the gaming industry, and much more.

Applying to college can be a competitive and stressful process on its own, let alone trying to be recruited for collegiate esports with the hopes of earning a scholarship. That’s where Stay Plugged IN can help, and students who join the ambassador program will stand out from the crowd and be more prepared for college and a potential career in the esports industry.

SPIN Ambassador Program Details

SPIN Ambassador Benefits:

Complimentary SPIN membership (coming soon!)
SPIN “Good Game” hoodie
Opportunity for prizes, coaching, and more
Ambassador-only competitions with prize pools
Features on SPIN social media channels
Exclusive Discord channel for ambassadors

SPIN Ambassador Responsibilities:

Be an active member within the community Discord
Invite friends, peers, and community members to join the SPIN platform
Share about SPIN on social media at least once a week
Provide game clips and content for SPIN to use in promotional pieces
Provide feedback on how to improve our recruiting platform, tournaments, and player experience