Stay Plugged IN and Bendix Arena Present the Bendix Showcase

Stay Plugged IN is offering another esports recruiting LAN for students to compete in front of college coaches. For this LAN, we will be traveling to the Bendix Arena in South Bend, Indiana. This high school esports recruiting LAN is in a prime location giving students and high school programs the opportunity to compete. Designed to get students playing against one another in an in-person setting, it provokes a higher level of competition and sportsmanship between the competitors. Stay Plugged IN has facilitated over 80 commitments with a total of more than $4,000,000 in scholarships to students this year and we are looking to add to this list through the Bendix Showcase.

The Bendix Showcase is designed to get players’ names in front of eager collegiate esports coaches looking to bolster or build their rosters for upcoming seasons. The Bendix Arena will give students the feel of large scale professional esports tournaments with ample spectator seating for cheering parents, fans, and coaches. At the Bendix Showcase, players will be able to register and compete in a variety of games including Valorant, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Overwatch. This showcase is the perfect destination to either kick start or further advance an esports recruiting journey.

Benefits for Players

For students in the high school esports space looking to continue their education as well as their esports career in Valorant, Super Smash Bros.,or Overwatch, there is no better place to kickstart the recruiting journey. With the esports recruiting season coming into full swing during the fall, there will be opportunities for an array of ranks and geographical locations. As a student, you will be granted the opportunity to compete alongside players of your same age with the same goal in a LAN environment.

The competitive environment provided is unmatched in high school esports and the benefits of earning a college esports scholarship speak for itself. Each student will play from Friday to Sunday with a guaranteed number of games and have a chance to play on the main stage at the Bendix Arena. Sunday will consist of bracket play where students can advance to the championship game and earn a cash prize.

Benefits for High School Esports Programs

This event would be the first step in many students’ esports recruiting journeys. With more colleges offering scholarship opportunities to compete in collegiate esports and more leagues with monetary support popping up each year, the space will only continue to grow. This is a great opportunity for high school esports programs to connect with other school programs as well as the top collegiate esports programs from across North America.

This recruiting showcase LAN will be a safe and controlled environment for students to compete against others with the exact same goal as themselves, to continue their esports career and use it as a stepping stone for further education and future careers. This showcase presents the perfect environment to show parents the benefits that esports provides and the avenues it creates for students.

Benefits for Parents

The esports industry as a whole has been showing consistent and constant growth, but college esports has seen exponential growth. The scene began booming in 2016-2017 with the introduction of more popular esports titles and a vision of what the space will soon become. Well over 200 colleges and universities from across North America offer scholarships for students to compete in esports while gaining an education for their future careers.

Stay Plugged IN provides students with the materials to learn the proper and healthy way to game as well as insight on careers parallel to esports such as video editing, graphic design, broadcasting, and many more!

Learn More about the High School Esports Showcase

Register now to take the first steps in the college esports recruiting process or to boost your journey forward. Tickets are $39.99 and allow for individual, partial team, and full team registration. Join the SPIN community today and follow your gaming passion to the next level!