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Our mission is to promote esports, esports recruiting, and the development of the esports ecosystem by hosting the highest quality amateur events. Stay Plugged IN, or SPIN, plans to provide an intersection of opportunities for esports players, collegiate coaches, and professional recruiters or scouts – all while creating a fun, safe, and entertaining experience for families, friends, and fans alike.  We are steadfast and focused, ensuring a family-friendly esports environment that is welcoming towards all players from beginners to all-stars. We love to entertain and will provide excellent content for families, players, recruiters, coaches, and even casual esports fans to enjoy! Give us a follow on social media, create your SPIN profile, or just scroll through our website to see and learn more!


Players, sign up on our site to gain visibility from collegiate coaches and recruiters to help you earn an esports scholarship! You’ll use this account to fill our your player profile and join our verified SPIN events, which are streamed and casted on our Twitch channel. Collegiate recruiters are always watching our streams and videos to find the best talent, and they also use our SPIN player profiles to vies your states, sort through different players of several different games and leagues and read up on your stats!


Coaches, here’s where you can find the best High School players for your university program! You’ll be able to find new players you’ve never seen before by their player profiles and be able to view their stats as well as their SPIN voltage meter, which measures their accounts on a scale to allow you to find the best players quickly. We will have live streams, videos, and all sorts of content, giving you the best access to these players, their stats, performances. Esports recruiting has never been easier!

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